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Welcome to the Basel Cancer League

We are here to help and support you

We are here to help you

The Basel Cancer League is a local, charitable, private non-profit organization, founded in 1957. It attends to all aspects of cancer, with the aim of ensuring that fewer people develop cancer and more people can be treated successfully. The organization also supports cancer research, increases public awareness of prevention measures and is committed to early diagnosis and treatment.

One of its first concerns is to ensure high-quality advice and psychosocial support for patients and their loved ones in the cantons Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft. We do help anyone affected by cancer.You are able to talk and get support from a range of professionals at the Haus der Krebsliga beider Basel. It is staffed by Cancer Support Specialists providing support in whichever way best suits you. We do offer free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their families and friends.

Help is offered freely to anyone with any type of cancer. Simply drop-in at any time from 10 am to 5 pm or please call us on 061 319 99 88 - the staff will helpfully attend to your needs.

Our Centre and our Courses

Family Room at the Haus der Krebsliga beider Basel
Brunch in the garden of the Haus der Krebsliga beider Basel

Our Centre is a place to find practical advice about benefits and eating well; a place where qualified experts provide emotional support; a place to meet other people or just a place where you can simply sit quietly with a cup of tea or coffee.

We do offer a wide variety of courses, groups, meetings and activities. Please have a look at our "Kursprogramm" in our Centre. There you will find which of our courses are drop-in, without prior registration and which you need to book in advance. You're welcome to speak to a member of staff about which might be suitable for you. In our agenda you can also find different help and support groups - some of them even take place in English language. 

Looking forward to welcoming you soon.